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Curriculum work for us

Into the classroom

Now that we have identified the essence of each learning area and how this helps us think about the intended learning in our learning design process, we turn to learning task design to ensure we don't undo all the good thinking and planning work done so far.

In South Australia our primary years research shows us that there is an unintended outcome from our strong support of learners. We can be so supportive of our learners, that we inhibit their intellectual struggle with the unfamiliar and the complex. In other words, we rescue them from thinking. Learning about what to do when you don't know something and not being thrown by new contexts is at the heart of learner resilience needed for academic and future life success.

Transforming Tasks

A series of workshops designed to support teachers to reflect and build on current practices that engage and intellectually challenge students.

Marion Coast Partnership

Learning Design, Assessment and Moderation – A video series of Early, Primary and Secondary teachers sharing classroom practice in learning and assessment design.

Professor Guy Claxton : Results and Results Plus

In this video series, Professor Guy Claxton provides compelling evidence that when we develop resourceful and resilient learners, not only do test scores go up but students are better prepared for the complexities and rigour of the 21st century.

Results PLUS - Monitoring and Tracking

A video series where Professors Martin Westwell and Guy Claxton share how we can use data and evidence to inform ways forward for improved achievement and lifelong learning.

Understanding the pedagogical shift – the SA story

A video series where Professors Martin Westwell, Katie Dawson and Guy Claxton and leaders and students from SA schools show how we can achieve a pedagogic shift across SA.

Engagement in Learning

A series of workshops designed to support teachers to intentionally engage students in their learning. Teachers share practice, monitor and reflect on evidence of their impact on student engagement in learning.

Dr Chris Goldspink: Engagement in Learning

In this video Dr Chris Goldspink outlines findings from the SA TfEL Research regarding engagement in learning.

Numeracy cycle

A mini-workshop series with Anne Baker where she models starting with students’ thinking

Building learning power

A mini-workshop series where Professor Guy Claxton shows how we create thinking classrooms and the difference it makes

Results Plus and Building Learning Power

In this Power Point Professor Guy Claxton focuses on developing the attitudes that underpin success.

Problematised Situations: North Ingle Primary School

This short series comprises examples of problematised mathematics situations created by Year 5, 6 and 7 students at North Ingle Primary School.

Martin Westwell Northern Adelaide regional leaders' day

A video series where Professor Martin Westwell outlines ways we can strategically shift our teaching practice to raise the intellectual demand of learners across all levels of schooling.

Martin Westwell: Fast and slow thinking

In this video series, Professor Martin Westwell outlines what transversal skills are and why they are pivotal in developing powerful learners who also use ‘slow thinking’ to manage complex situations.