Leading Learning
Making the Australian
Curriculum work for us

Why this approach?

In South Australia the release of the Australian Curriculum has provided the opportunity to think deeply about not only what we want our students to learn, but also how we want them to learn so that they become powerful, expert learners.

This section identifies why we must create this strategic shift and the issues and complexity of bringing together engaging, high challenge pedagogy and the curriculum. The Introduction animation sets the scene for working with the resource.

Our learners’ context

A video series in which Professor Martin Westwell introduces the research and world context that is driving the need for change

Australian Curriculum strategic intent

A series of PowerPoint presentations in which Professor Martin Westwell explains the strategic intent of the Australian Curriculum and the associated reforms in teaching and learning

Introduction Animation

An animation introducing the ideas of this resource about how we view and work with the learning areas of the Australian Curriculum

Unlearning old instructional models

A humorous stimulus clip that raises issues for discussion about teaching for understanding.