Leading Learning
Making the Australian
Curriculum work for us

Tuning in

We have identified what we value for our students’ learning and how this is represented as the essence in the learning areas of the Australian Curriculum. We can now think about how the essence makes a difference to the way we think about and work with each learning area. In this section teachers and leaders deepen their understanding of the learning area through viewing animated stories and using an online tool to connect up different components of the curriculum to show how the curriculum can work for us.

The story of the learning areas

A video animation series describing the essence of each learning area and how the components of the learning area work together

Randomiser tutorial

A video introduction to the Randomiser tool.

Connecting content and essence

A professional online learning tool – called the ‘randomiser’, that provides thinking practice in viewing the content descriptions through the essence of the learning area

STEM - What is it for?

This animation describes the essential elements of STEM and its importance in our learners’ futures.