Leading Learning
Making the Australian
Curriculum work for us

What you value

Every teacher has valuable skills and experience they bring to their teaching. It is important to ask ourselves what we believe each learning area is for. If we can identify why we teach what we teach, we can tailor our Learning Design to meet our goals. In this section teachers and leaders work together to identify what they really value for their students' learning and to find this essence in the different learning areas.

Sound bites

A video series capturing a range of voices— teachers, Rundle Mall shoppers and children—talking about what they think a particular learning area is for

Wordle Explorer

Exploring the Australian Curriculum through wordles generated for each learning area to find where our values are expressed

Learning Area Explorer

An activity designed to help us find our values in the text of the Australian Curriculum learning areas

Talking Heads

A video series of disciplinary experts discussing the shift of focus and valued learning in their relevant learning area of the Australian Curriculum

General Capabilities Continua

A resource to support teachers to effectively incorporate appropriate general capabilities in their planning.